Shinkaiju Raiga (2009) DVDrip


Deep Sea Monster Raiga is a Japanese satirical monster movie directed by Shinpei Hayashiya and the followup to his 2005 daikaiju movie “Deep Sea Monster Reigo”. It premiered in Japan on June 27, 2009 as part of an all-night movie event called “Tokusatsu Kaiju Tengoku” at Ikebukuro’s Shin-Bungeiza theater.

Movie info

Original title :
Transliterated title :
Shinkai Kemono Raiga
Release date :
June 27, 2009


The film is set 60 years after the events of “Deep Sea Monster Reigo” in modern-day Tokyo. Global warming causes the southern polar ice cap to gradually melt, disrupting the ecosystem and luring ancient sea monsters to Japan. Eventually an enormous sea beast called Raiga enters Asakusa via the Sumida River and begins wreaking havoc on the buildings there.

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