Ultraman Neos Subtitle Indonesia [Batch]

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Ultraman Neos Subtitle Indonesia

Sinopsis :

In the first decade of the 21st Century on Earth, the rising of the population results in low quality of life, as well the increasing number of ESP incidents and alien invasions. At Nebula M-78, the information service of the Space Defense Force watches these phenomena and throughout the Space Security Service, a ramification of the group sent a warrior to Earth named Ultraman Neos and his commander Ultra Seven 21 (ウルトラセブン21 Urutoraseben Tsū Wan?). Upon arriving on Earth, Ultraman Neos secretly merges with Genki Kagura to help HEART (Hi-tech Earth Alert Rescue Team) fight monsters both of terrestrial and extraterrestrial origin.

Download Ultraman Neos Subtitle Indonesia :

Episode 01 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 02 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 03 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 04 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 05 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 06 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 07 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 08 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 09 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 10 : [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 11 :  [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]
Episode 12:  [Kbagi] | [GoogleDrive]

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