Ultra Fight Orb: I’m Borrowing the Power of Parent and Child! Subtitle Indonesia

Walkure Ultraman Orb  ga tomaranai….”

Ultra Fight Orb Subtitle Indonesia

Genre Tokusatsu
Created by Tsuburaya Productions
Written by Junichiro Ashiki
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
Composer(s) Takao Konishi
Country of origin Japan
No. of episodes 8
Running time 3 mins (mini episode cut)
Original network TV Tokyo
Original release April 15, 2017
Preceded by Ultraman Orb

Ultra Fight Orb: I’m Borrowing the Power of Parent and Child! (ウルトラファイトオーブ 親子の力、おかりします! Urutora Faito Ōbu Oyako no Chikara, Okarishimasu!) is a Japanese television miniseries produced by Tsuburaya Productions as a spin-off of Ultraman Orb. This miniseries is released in April 15, 2017, aired during the ending segment of Ultraman Zero: The Chronicle programming block on TV Tokyo. This film as well features the live appearance of Ultraman Orb’s two game-exclusive forms, Lightning Attacker (ライトニングアタッカー Raitoningu Atakkā) and Emerium Slugger (エメリウムスラッガー Emeriumu Suraggā) from Ultraman Fusion Fight!.[1][2]


A new villain named Ghost Mage Reibatos (亡霊魔道士 レイバトス Bōrei Madō-shi Reibatosu) appeared in front of Ultramen Orb and Zero. Orb would soon engages in a battle against an army of undead monsters, using most of his forms, as well as Lightning Attacker, a combined power of Ginga and X. As past Ultra Warriors appear to his aid, Orb assumed Emerium Slugger, based on Seven and Zero.[1]

Translator  : Imouto Penerjemah jepang dan Tanaka-kun

Typesetter  : Raito-sama

Editor            : FLynndhany46

Timing          : Afif

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