Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey Episode 01-13 [RAW]

Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle: Never Ending Odyssey (ウルトラギャラクシー大怪獣バトル NEVER ENDING ODYSSEYUrutora Gyarakushī Daikaijū Batoru Nebā Endingu OdesseiUltra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle NEO) is the second season and the 25th entry in Tsuburaya Productions’ long-running Ultra Series. Like its predecessor Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster BattleNEO is a pay-per-view service. The first episode was distributed for free online on December 12, 2008, and remained available until January 31, 2009.[1] Broadcast of the show on BS11 beginning December 20, 2008. The series was followed by Mega Monster Battle Gymnastics (大怪獣バトル体操 Daikaijū Batoru Taisō), a non-canon morning exercise program for children starring Shota Minami. Mega Monster Battle Gymnastics also had a touring stage show with dancing and exercises set to music and starring Shota Minami, with cameo appearances by Hiroyuki Konishi and Saki Kamiryo.

Plot :

After the events of the last series, ZAP Spacy finds itself under attack by the Reionics Hunters, members of the Alien Pedan and the creators of the original King Joe Black, that seek to exterminate all Reionics in the universe. The story takes place on Planet Hammer where ZAP Spacy finds itself battling the Reionics, Reionyx Hunters, and the originator of the Reionics, Raybrad.

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Episode 01 : [Download]

Episode 02 : [Download]

Episode 03 : [Download]

Episode 04 : [Download]

Episode 05 : [Download]

Episode 06 : [Download]

Episode 07 : [Download]

Episode 08: [Download]

Episode 09 : [Download]

Episode 10 : [Download]

Episode 11 : [Download]

Episode 12 : [Download]

Episode 13 : [Download]

OST : [Download]

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