Ultraman Taiga Episode 00-01 Subtitle Indonesia

Ultraman Taiga Episode 00-01 Subtitle Indonesia

Ultraman Taiga (ウルトラマンタイガ Urutoraman Taiga) is a Japanese tokusatsu television series produced by Tsuburaya Productions. It is the 31st entry to the Ultra Series, the first series released in the Reiwa period and the seventh entry to the New Generation Hero(ニュージェネレーションヒーロー Nyū Jenerēshon Hīrō) lineup.[2][3] It is begin airing on TV Tokyo on July 6, 2019.[4]

The series’s main catchphrases are “The story of the son of Taro. And here before us stands Taiga!” (「タロウ」の息子の物語。そして「タイガ」がここにいる! Tarō no musuko no monogatari. Soshite Taiga ga koko ni iru!) and “Let’s go, buddy! Buddy Go!” (行くぜ相棒!バディゴー! Iku ze aibō! Badi Gō!).


Aliens have been emigrating to Earth secretly, but only a handful knows about this truth. Living in such a society, the main character Hiroyuki Kudo begins working at a private security organization E.G.I.S. (Enterprise of Guard and Investigation Services). The organization takes care of cases related with aliens, and Hiroyuki works day and night to protect peace.

However, there lies a huge secret in him, which he himself is not aware of. He carries Ultraman Taiga’s “particle of light”.

The new story begins as Taiga’s powers revive from Hiroyuki’s body![1]

Link Download:

Episode 00 : [Googledrive] | [Acefile]

Episode 01 : [Googledrive] | [Acefile] – 576p

Episode 01 : [Googledrive] | [Acefile] – 720p / x264

Episode 01 : [Googledrive] | [Acefile] – 720p / x265

Note : Rename file .TAIGA menjadi .MKV

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