Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey BD Subtitle Indonesia [V2]

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey BD Subtitle Indonesia [V2]

Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey (ウルトラマンティガ THE FINAL ODYSSEY Urutoraman Tiga Za Fainaru Odesei) is a tokusatsu movie that released in the year 2000. The movie is a direct sequel to the original Ultraman Tiga television series, serving as an epilogue to the events between Ultraman Tiga and the successor series, Ultraman Dyna.


Two years after Tiga‘s battle with GatanothorDaigo is seen planning his wedding with Rena. Meanwhile, on the newly surfaced R’lyeh Island, a TPC task force supervised by Megumi Iruma discovers and breaks open a seal to the inner cave housing that housed the petrified bodies of three Dark GiantsCamearraDarramb, and Hudra. With the seal broken, the Dark Giants woke from their slumber, awakened a swarm of Shibito Zoiger, and began attacking the humans. Iruma was knocked out during the rampage and Yuzare appeared from within her to create a new seal around the island in order to stop the Dark Giants from leaving.

Then Camearra started to invade Daigo’s dream, where she gave him the Black Spark Lens. Daigo traveled to R’lyeh Island on a GUTS Wing to confront the Dark Giants by transforming into Tiga Dark. This breaks the seal bade by Yuzare and allowed the darkness from the island to spread around the world. Back at TPC, the members of GUTS set out to rescue their captain from the island. When they arrive, they are attacked by a horde of Shibito Zoiger. Soon backup arrives from the TPC trainee squad in their GUTS Wings.

The first one to fight Tiga was Darramb, but his finisher was absorbed by Tiga, which allowed the hero to transform into Tiga Tornado. Tiga then used the Delacium Light Stream to defeat Darramb. After the battle, Tiga confronted Hudra, but the former was no match for the latter’s speed. However, thanks to a detonation made by Captain Iruma, Tiga was safe from Hudra’s attack. But Hudra still didn’t give up and fired another shot with a direct hit on Tiga. Once again, Tiga absorbed the attack and transformed into Tiga Blast. And before Hudra could react to any movement, Tiga fired the Ranbalt Light Bullet, destroying Hudra. The pulse signal from the detonator also allowed GUTS to track down the location of Captain Iruma and save her.

Back under the island, Tiga is confronted by the final Dark Giant, Camearra, who wished to destroy Tiga after losing hope of turning him back to the dark side. As both of them begin to fight each other, Camearra seems to be gaining the upper hand, but Tiga was saved by Rena in her GUTS Wing. As Camearra was about to destroy Rena in the process, Rena was saved by Tiga. Tiga then absorbed the dark energy and converted it into light which removed all of his darkness, turning him back into Multi Type. Camearra, filled with rage that her lover cheated on her, absorbed all the surrounding darkness and transformed into Demonzoa. The giant demon bombarded Tiga with attacks until he collapsed to the ground and died. Suddenly, the fallen giants of light on the island transferred their energy to Tiga and revived the hero as Glitter Tiga. Demonzoa fires at Tiga but to no avail as the Ultra’s body was too strong. Then Demonzoa tries to eat the giant of light but was not prepared for Tiga’s kamikaze attack, which killed the beast from the inside. After the battle, the island collapses. Soon after that, Daigo finds a dying Camearra who revealed to him that she also wanted to seek the light.

After the defeat of the Dark Giants, Daigo heads home to reunite with Rena and the other members of GUTS. Daigo and Rena then head off to live their life on Mars. In the corridor to their shuttle, they are greeted by a maintenance worker who Daigo recognizes as his future successor.


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Download Ultraman Tiga: The Final Odyssey BD Subtitle Indonesia [V2] [x265]

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